Kosta Mijić

Birou de arhitectură

DOMUS arhitektonski atelje

Colaboratori (membri ai echipei):

Vlada Janjatović


Sombor, Srbija



Suprafața construită:


Text de prezentare a lucrării:

As a result of a dynamic growth in the last two decades, wholesale trade company „Sinagoga“ required a new business complex that would combine all of the previously spatially dispersed functions. The new complex project included a redesign of an existing warehouse (3.000 m2), design for a new headquarters building (800 m2), as well as a complete redesign of the company's visual identity. Form and character of the new HQ present the company as strong and successful, while providing a contemporary, light and comfortable working space to it's employees and clients. The complex marks the entrance to the city of Sombor, while the individual buildings – entrance facility, HQ and warehouse each have their own character and position within the complex, based on their purpose. The reconstructed warehouse, with it's simple shape covered in dark gray metal sheets, serves as a neutral background for the Headquarters building, which dominates the surroundings with it's strong, contemporary form and bright colors. The architecture of the office building is made lighter by fully glazed ground floor (showroom), above which the office spaces container is positioned, thus clearly differentiating different spatial functions within the building. Finally, second floor features a big green roof, with a terrace as extension of the second floor canteen. Interior of the office building features a mix of white, wooden and glass partitions, with green accents in furniture and other interior elements. Landscape design is primarily focused on reducing domination of huge asphalt surfaces required for parking of transport vehicles.