Colaboratori (membri ai echipei):

Aleksandra Kovačević




Human District, filmski festival

Text de prezentare a lucrării:

This project consists of finding SITES and selecting FILMS as the only ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS for "designing" open theatres for the purpose of International Film Festival of Human Rights - "HUMAN DISTRICT" in Belgrade. Screenings of chosen films at a chosen time, taking place on locations which are used in everyday life for parking cars, waiting for the bus, playing basketball, become the public excess, the unnatural, something that disrupts daily activities of future viewers. Only then, a place that shows the fate of another becomes, with us , an active participant in the process, it becomes more than a parking space , a bus stop, a playground. It becomes a quiet confession room, a space in which the observer becomes the observed, a place where emotions in screened films interfere with current images, sounds and lives of spectators/passers-by. This "forced" emotional transaction between the fate of another and the visual, audible and historical context of the city compels the viewers to move around in their personal and collective past, present and future, asking themselves and the other questions of personal responsibility. The project was released in the summer od 2014, on the following locations: 1.Parking lot at the arrival platform of the main bus station in Belgrade, in the area of ​​the future large ‘’Belgrade Waterfront’’ project. 2.Parking lot on the top of the "Concrete Hall", a popular nightlife location. Parking lots where films of human rights from all over the world were shown in 2014, became shelters for a vast number of refugees coming from Syria in 2015.