Birou de arhitectură

CAN Architects


Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem, Budapest, HU

Text de prezentare a lucrării:

“Thus the tool is half thing, because determined through thingness, but still more; it is at the same time half artwork, and yet less, because it is without the self-sufficiency of the work of art. The tool has its own proper between-position between the thing and the work, if it be supposed that such a calculated serial ordering is permitted.” Martin Heidegger: The Origin of the Work of Art The building as a ‘thing’ is the unconscious background for imaginative experimental creation in the everyday life of the campus. A familiar environment with the sole ambition to mark and create a space as the environmental framework for intellectual and physical academic life, which changes with its users; sometimes easily and almost continuously, sometimes through carefully designed procedures. The program is fitted into one large scale structure, a massive lab for all range of events inside to interact on an unconscious level as well. The building as a ‘tool’ is the swiss army knife of MOME’s students and staff. Due to its modularity and construction method it stimulates change and diversity, through assisting actual innovational processes in education, research and communal events. The old building’s width generates the free span of the new construction, creating a multi-storey industrial-like space that always reacts to the work, exhibition and social life inside. The circulation system runs on the outer zone, incorporating the continuously changing exhibition as the face of the campus towards the city. The interior spaces serve a wide range of learning methods as they vary from regular classrooms through characteristic contemporary learning landscapes to neutral, transformable open spaces. The building as a ‘work of art’ is unquestionably necessary for MOME, as the forefront of applied arts and sciences in the region. It is the future place of cutting edge innovation and design, therefore its identity inevitably works as a brand and trademark. The new glass volume suggests its open interior space while still preserving an object-like attitude, only breaking up at the main entrance of the existing building, creating an interpretive situation. Following in the footsteps of the iconic existing building from the last century, it is the vessel of intellectual freedom for an illustrious community made of creative individuals.