Magyarország, Izsák város, Kolon-tó

Text de prezentare a lucrării:

The architectural reconsideration of the Ornithological Center and Birdwatch at the Kolon Lake was the theme for my master degree. A few years ago I attended an art camp on this place when I met with this extraordinary venue. During the time I spent here was not only inspiration for arts but I have had a chance to get an insight into the everyday life and activity of birders meanwhile I also managed to discover the operation of this architectural environment. The research work that these volunteer ornithologists are carrying out here is very important not just for the local environment but has gained international recognition as well. The other major activity that determines the uniqueness of this place is the educational activity. Every year thousands of visitors came here especially children and families to learn more about our environment. The area offers really useful and at the same time memorable and amusing experiences in nature such as the bird ringing stations, bird watching, also the unconventional biology lessons taken place outside the classroom. This small building operates now as a bird ringing and research station, educational center and accommodation too. The current building is no longer able to fulfill the needs of this wide range of activities. The main objective of my work was the architectural realignment of the farm while preserving the current values so visitors and professionals can make use of the center side by side in a more convenient way and without interfering each other's activities. I was analyzing the operation of the place, the kind of activity that is carried out on the spot, and in addition to these, I had to consider the needs of the researchers and the visitors, also the trails they tend to take. Furthermore, I carried out a research on the broader architectural environment of the Lake Kolon, as well as the usual materials appearing in the surroundings. At first I freed the place from the architectural elements adhered during recent years. I kept the original farm building which could operate as accommodation and research station in the winter later on. However, the majority of the work take place in summer, meaning that the specialists and visitors alike are outdoors that is why all the other features were moved outside. I installed all these outdoor activities in a sprawling wood pavilion building. It follows the moving path of the visitors of this place who come here with different aims.