Colaboratori (membri ai echipei):

Milenko Stanojević i Ljubinka Stanojević


Granični prelaz Srbija-Bosna i Hercegovina

Text de prezentare a lucrării:

The memorial "BORDER" is an architectural installation-project with a visual anthropological approach to the border crossing Sepak, a place of collective memory and history of the border bridge over the Drina river, between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Conceived as a visual memorial to the common man - the victim of deception, it is minimalist in its shape (set as a mirror), and complex in its content. It is located on the bridge over the border and in the context of two still closed societies that are in the process of changing (the republic of Serbia recently signed the signed the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), and Bosnia and Herzegovina are in the process of meeting the conditions for its signing), with an uncertainty spanning from cultural models and ideologies to interpersonal relationships. "Breaking" the bridge should lead to a strong visual and even much stronger mental effect – shocking the viewer and thus mobilizing resources for the creation and reactivation of human values through new emotional images that use the ambiguity of such installations. Only then the whole bridge becomes a psychological ground and space of deepest intimacy, a unique reflection of our own responsibility and a place of paradox for the common man, unwillingly caught in the space between the Balkan crisis and setting the borders, and the full integrity when borders are lifted and we paradoxically become one – the European Union.