Text de prezentare a lucrării:

The confrontation of differences is the basic human need to be present. The larger diversity surrounds us, the more possibilities we have to sense ourselves against an other entity - either human, object-like or spatial one. This patchwork of existing and becoming structures is subconsciously apparent for us in our natural environment. It seems that however we fight against it, we still remain undetachable parts of this spherical home that we’re trying to over-inhabit. It feels natural and evident to walk in a field or a forrest, to see creatures appear, thrive and disappear, emerge and decay. We don’t experience our contrast towards these processes and maybe that becomes the reason behind our complete ignorance towards them. Nevertheless, as we drive towards a human created settlement, the tension of living starts building up. In this built environment, which is the background of our everyday life, we consciously get face to face with each other and all that is around us. Every action becomes more aware, planned and carefully executed. We make lists to keep in mind what and how to organize. This is my list about the city: a patchwork of new schemes in the framework of upcycled blocks of thoughts in recent years.