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The thesis is about the possible consequences of our current way of life, and the habitations and their environment that were formed as a result. The thesis is sort of a status report, and its aim is to draw the attention of all people. Continuing this prodigal, polluting, littering lifestyle we destroy our environment, which leads to the degradation and impoverishment of our habitation and standard of living. The concept is three possible visions based on studies, scientific treatises and articles. The plan aims to present the evolved situation of life drawn up in the stories through the domicile of people. The location is an existing city, but managed as a fictional site. The events of the three stories are presented through the structural changes of the city. We demonstrate the way of living that evolved due to the events, zooming to a selected area. The three buldings do not have the purpose of representing architectural aesthetics but to show the conclusions for the current visions, these are simply the tools for presenting the situations.