Makiš, Čukarica municipality, Belgrade

Text de prezentare a lucrării:

Spacial distribution of the mass for the initial design procedure, expressed as a homogenous matter capable of dispersion and a uniformed dissolution, is represented by making specific decisions in accordance with the analysis of the location and context, and the following medium for experimental research (model). The space is divided into two zones - outside and inside whose relationship enables constitution of a volume from which the form of the object will emerge later on. The inside zone is treated as emptyness which enables the dispersive mass to take shape under the influence of different factors. The outside zone is a confinement mass composed of the existing built morfology. It is depicted as a solid, continuous, concave volume, neatly cut where the inside empty space starts and which it encapsulates from one side, creating a reflective surface. The inside is a closed off field where the constrained forces are in effect. Within this container, points, lines and networks spread by moving,reflecting and gliding over the walls taking the curved trajectories of movement in accordance with the surface off of which it is bouncing. The fenomenon known in mathematics as an envelope, caustic and cardioid, whch applies to the movement of light as well, is taken as a design method, achieving different values. The system consists of a row of trusses, carriers with different slopes, horizontal communications which follow the slopes of the carriers, and of apartment units which are attached. The whole structure is spindly, and the slopes and orientations change successively. Apartment units are mutually in shearing positions relative to the carriers creating terraces. Apartment orientations change with the change of the sloping geometry of the whole building, and the re-orientation happens in two instances, outside(0)-inside(1,5)-outside(2,5), with two points of switching sides (junctions) where total verticality is achieved (1 and 2) and it’s where main vertical communications are .In these points the whole building is connecting to existing roads,joined by secondary streets. Parking lots are located at ground level under the object as the parterre is freed-up and the apartments are raised high. The installation is also equipped with public-commercial content in the left wing, where the capacities are adequate for such use. The sloped side is facing north allowing the space to be illuminated with diffused light as it is suitable for commercial facilities.