Pančevo, Srbija

Text de prezentare a lucrării:

This is a project of a small system. System which is by itself self-sufficient and it contains generic values. Idea is to create a vision of developing a system of a city on the edge of Pančevo in Serbia, in the space of city harbor. Generic gives it to have, besides its small dimensions, relations of a genuine city with: production, housing, administration, communication and to be self-sufficient. This city is a compilation the best from the future; it is like the return in forgotten projects from 1960s and 1970s, when no one was scared to dream new. The system is conceived of 2 major parts: grid for living and the tubes with production area which links them. That can be infinitely built, but in project there are optimal dimensions. It is created one functional system of city without a city near the water and city harbor with questioning the possible opportunities of the wide traffic communications and continuing the overall structure, the possibility of metro system to Belgrade and creating utopian system in city’s core. Harbor with its communications is one of nowadays forgotten aspects of developing Pančevo with water and this system i s slowly collapsing. Project is a provocation with production architecture from 1960s (Archizoom, Archigram etc.). In ages of developing the main land industries in Pančevo in other countries this utopian project were born, now they are one visionary-usable-provocative hole near all, but distant from usual.