Soluționare contestații etapa 1
05 August
Categoria: CONCURS

After the preliminary analysis for the 1st stage, the competition secretaries has disqualified the following 12 works: AGA23, DHM13, LIE05, PFL77, RUR11, POA16, BST29, BST31, BST30, BGO11, PRO38 and AGA12. On the basis of the preliminary analysis results for 1st stage of the competion, between 2nd and 3rd of August 2016 there have been registered 3 complaints/litigations, as following:

COMPLAINT 1 - Branko Stanojevic:
Dear Mr/Mrs,
My name is Branko Stanojevic, architect from Serbia.
For the BETA 2016 competition I have sent three projects in category 15 - architectural vision: BST29, BST30 and BST31. I checked the files from the preliminary analysis of the first stage and I saw that my works are disqualified. Reason for this is: disrespect conditions for application “31st of July: 24:00 according to romanian time (GMT+2) deadline for submission of papers to the competition stage 1.”

When I saw the information for extension of the registracion period for the BETA 2016 competition, I examined notification on the home page of the site, in English: It says here that deadline for competition is until July 31st, 24:00 (GMT+2h): Serbia is currently in GMT+2h time zone, so I reported projects till 24:00 in Serbia. Romania is currently in GMT+3h time zone.I think you should accept my projects because I misled, and also I respected the deadline“July31st, 24:00(GMT+2)”.

I have also tried to sent my work more than one hour before deadline, but when I pressed the button “registration” nothing happened. This confused me because I didn’t know whether the site worked. There was no notice and I didn’t know what was going on. I’ve tried again and again and lost my precious time. About 30 minutes later the notification that my project was added to the list appeared. I reported all my projects, but last one (third one) BST30 was registered 3 minutes later, at 24:03 precisely (romanian time at 01:03). Everything was going very slowly online on the site.

I would be greatful if you accept my project BST30, because my delay of three minutes proves that I previously reported the project, but I repeatedly pressed “registration” button, but system accepted my last project about 10 minutes later.

Thank you in advance,
Branko Stanojević

The committee RESPONSE for the 1st complaint:
We have analized your complain/litigation for the 3 works submitted in the competiton: BST29, BST30, BST31.
Indeed, the time zone communicated by us on the website was incorrect (GMT+2 instead of GMT+3 – the correct time zone for Romania, according to Eastern European Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time).
We assume this communication mistake and accept your two works submitted in the competiton until 00:00 GMT+2: BST29 and BST31.

COMPLAINT 2 - Miloš Komlenić:
Dear madam,
At the first place, I would like to support you for this intention, Beta 2016, almost like a "neighbourhood party". Yet, on the second place - I have to make a complaint, an objection:

The structure of online application form is a bit confusing, besides not good Serbian translation(*2).
-  Online registration offered THREE pictures to be uploaded! It looked like three pics for preliminary selection, but NOT like "three panels for an exhibition". Therefore I have uploaded only preview pictures, along with the text. The SAME text that was for panels. Inadequate registration form made me believe that, besides the fact that I have more than a decade behind me of successful domestic and international competitions, I have to upload just the material (pics, text) for preliminary selection.
-  Too common use of word OSPORAVANJE, that ‚was supposed to mean exactly this what I am doing now, making an observation (or complaint) is NOT ADEQUATE in Serbian. It meaning in Serbian is much stronger: like DENIAL or DISPUTE in English. Therefore I was distracted by that/these intriguing formulations with this word, also...

Since I have a very interesting design to show, I believe, I would like to ask you to kindly reconsider my application. This "rethinking of industrial recycling" and "urban food gardening" in actual world situation gained AN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION PRIZE. Since I believe the strongest aspect of the design is SOCIAL CARE, a basic and substantial human effort, a contribution to our mortified societies...

I am sending you a new picture of this panel/project in this mail, a JPG picture, and on your demand, I can send PSD or PDF file also. Thank you very much, in advance...

best regards,
Miloš Komlenić

The committee RESPONSE for the 2nd complaint:
We have analized your complain/litigation for the work RUR11 submitted in the competiton and we are very sorry that the application form confused you and that the translation in Serbian was unclear.
However, the application form was only a support for submitting your work; the registration procedure was described in detail in the competition brief and according to it, the works submitted in the competion had to be presented respecting the LAYOUT provided by the organizers on the website.
We are sure that you have a very interesting design to show and that, with every disqualified participant, the competition loses important works, but on the long term, it is important to respect the conditions from the competition brief.
The final decision of the committee is to mantain the status „disqualified” for the work submitted in the competition having the code RUR11.

COMPLAINT 3 - Nikola Ilic:
I am Nikola Ilic, architect from Serbia. For BETA2016 competition i have two projects in category 15-architectural vision: PRO38 and BGO11. I declare this way that I have tried to send a projects on competition 31.08.2016 and I have not got an answer online. I have no better explanation for that, except that there was a technical problem in the application process. For this reason, I spoke to the organizer tomorrow morning 01.08.2016 and i got confirmation that I can try to apply again. Then I sent the projects.I have no substantive evidence that proves that i timely attempt to send the project, but I believe that you understand me, and i beleve that you have trust and good will.

Thank you in advance
Nikola Ilić

The committee RESPONSE for the 3rd complaint:
We have analized your complain/litigation for the 2 works submitted in the competiton (PRO38 and BGO11). 
Unfortunately our website administrators did not confirm that they found any materials from you on the website, nor did they register any error. We asked you to submit your work on the morning of Ausust 1st in order for us to be able to verify this, and of course, allow you to take part in the competition if the delay could have been proven to be a technical problem.
Since neither us, nor you, were able to prove that you submited you work on time, we are forced by the competition brief to maintain our decision to disqualify your 2 projects: PRO38 and BGO11.

With this report/resolution we consider the complaints / litigations session closed.
The final list of the works subjected to the judging process between 6th to 14th of August 2016 can be found here.

Elaborated by Simina Cuc,
the president of the committee